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political example or character in a novel

For a while now I have been toying around with the concept of classifying people. It started when president Obama came to our town and talked at my workplace. My in-laws suggested that I try to meet him. Maybe I … Continue reading

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Scientific fraud

I’ve been reading the book “Plastic Fantastic: How the biggest fraud in physics shook the scientific world” by Eugenie Samuel Reich.  From the early 90s until 2004, Jan Henrick Schön falsified data about electrical measurements on organic crystals. I picked … Continue reading

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logic and belief

Slate published an article “Why Truthers, Birthers, Trig Truthers, etc. embrace lies even when presented with definitive truth: I wanted the article to answer the question, but instead it just demonstrated that the premise was true. When people strongly … Continue reading

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Today, I finally told my boss that I am leaving. Changing careers midstream is tough.  There are moments when I feel like I am jumping off a cliff and moments when I think I am doing something amazing. I never … Continue reading

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