Like Mandarin by Kirsten Hubbard – #bookreview

Like Mandrin is about a girl who wants to be someone else. She turns her back on the idea of beauty that comes from her mother and follows the path of a damaged girl from school. From the first few sentences of this book I was hooked. The lyrical quality of the writing perfectly fit with subject matter and helped to underscore the themes. I could see in my mind vivid images of Wyoming and it made me want to visit.

The subject was just as compelling. I remember wanting to be someone else in high school. I made up an alter ego with a full history and convinced my best friend to do the same. We passed notes, but they were between his alter ego and mine. They were as likely to be about our imaginary adventures as what was going on in school.

On top of everything else the characters were interesting. They weren’t cardboard cutouts. They seemed like real people. From the main character’s obsession with rocks to the complicated relationship with her mother, it all seemed to wring true. I couldn’t wait to turn the next page and was disappointed when the book ended.

The journey of self discovering is never easy. This book addresses it in an interesting way.


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